With Judy's Book, Another Place for Reviews

Judy’s Book opened for beta today – easy to use interface and looks like it will become a cool service for local reviews and recommendations on anything and everything (books, restaurants, or simply calls for advice). They’re going to face competition from Amazon’s A9 Yellow Pages as Amazon’s indexed now every store and allows people to write reviews/comment on anything in their yellow pages.

My main question is around its integration with a personal blog. When I read a book, I have a choice whether to write a review/summary for any number of the e-commerce sites (like Amazon), a community web site like Judy’s Book or Tribe, or my own blog. It would be great if my one write up could be syndicated across all these sites.

On a related note, I’m still shocked that on every item page in Amazon they don’t have an embedded link from Technorati or some other service titled “What bloggers are saying about this item…”

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