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After giving some thought to the issue, I have realized that the four core values of the Ben Casnocha of today (I’m sure they’ll change as I get older) are:

1. Excellence – For things and people I care about, I will give nothing less than 100% effort. I want to strive for excellence in every aspect of my life and hold a higher standard than most of my peers. I will never get on the treadmill of mediocrity.

2. Health – I will feed my body, feed my mind, and feed by soul. Staying in good health (physically and otherwise) is a commitment I will uphold. If I feel like my physical or mental health is ever being compromised, I will seek help. Happiness is founded on good health.

3. Humor – This is a weird one. Most people wouldn’t think of “humor” as a core value. But it is for me. In our finite amount of time on this planet, the chemicals released during a laugh are among the most pleasurable. Committing myself to finding humor in the mundane and infusing humor into my work and life is a priority.

4. Knowledge – I believe the hero’s journey is premised on the spirited pursuit of knowledge. I want to acquire knowledge – not through filling my head with facts – but through passionate interactions with people and the reading of books. A close corollary to this is the constant asking of questions (think Socrates).

Lofty values like “integrity,” “generosity,” and “friendship” crossed my mind but I didn’t feel like they are core. What are your CORE values?

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  • I would say Family, Happiness, Humor, and Knowledge. And those have changed over time. I’m sure that earlier in my life, Excellence would have ranked higher. It’s not that I care less about Excellence today, it’s that I care about other things more.

  • Ben,

    This reflective and meaningful blog is inspiring. Other than the fact that you think Humor as one of your core values is weird I’m down with you.

    I hope that you will connect with the fact that the core values that you refer to are enduring and reflect who you are. What others may opine about those values (weird or otherwise) should be met with indifference. The indifference is not founded in arrogance but rather in a peaceful knowledge that you are no better or worse than anyone else.

    My core value in my life is Love. For me, that means a complete acceptance of who I am. It also means that I treat others the way I would like to be treated.

    Love also affords me unlimited abundance free of the angst, stress and anxiety that accompanies making material goods the goals of my existence.

    As a father it shows me that my daughter is my teacher. Love also helps me accept her for all that she is. I do not wish her to think everything that I do, but rather to embrace a thought process. The process includes gathering diverse points of view and thinking about how it would feel if she were the other person.

    As a business person love helps me do the very best that I can in all my endeavors. I do not make the $$ my goal or my measuring stick of success. Love also shows me that when I do the best that I can do I find freedom. Should I succeed I’m not guilty, should I fail I’m not lost.

    I disattach myself from the meaning of the outcome and by doing so I excel in my craft.

    Finally, as a person love is what frees me from fear every day. It’s omnipotent but never conquers with force. Love endures as my companion beside me. It assures me that I will always be at peace with who I am.

    Ben, it’s cool that you have shared your core values and given me the space to share mine. I’m peaceful in the knowledge that neither of us are right for the other.

    In my book, your effort is inspired by the power of love.

    Peace and Love,


  • I want to comment on a line in Ben’s statement above. I also was a businessman (45 yrs) and the line about, “Love also shows me that when I do the best that I can do I find freedom.” That line is exactly what I found in business — not in the beginning but as I nutured myself and kept my focus on being all I can be for the customers, I found that freedom he spoke about and it made the last 15 yrs of business expecially fun and joyful.

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