Entrepreneurial Synonyms for "Make Progress"

After a four hour meeting today with our Board of Advisors, I can reflect on entrepreneurial synonyms for “we just need to keep on making progress.”

“We’ve got to keep on shlepping away.”

“We need to keep doing the blocking and tackling.”

“We’ve gotta pound away, every day.”

“If we keep plugging away…”

“It’s a slog, but, again, we’ve gotta keep slogging away.”

“We’ve got to push, push, push.”

Progress is what this is all about. Make progress against common metrics. People will be happy if progress is being made, despite the slogging, blocking, shlepping, and plugging that may go along with it.

2 Responses to Entrepreneurial Synonyms for "Make Progress"

  1. Will Pate says:

    My favorite is “Keep up the good fight”

  2. I stumbled upon your site and am so impressed with the quality of your writing and thoughts. Keep up the great work!


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