A Lot of Laughing This Christmas

I laugh a lot. In school, that’s my favorite thing to do. When my two brothers are home from college, you can’t go more than a few minutes without one of the famous Casnocha Lines coming out. One of us will take a really good line from a movie or TV show or just come up with our own witty line and then say it over and over until it spreads throughout the campuses of University High School, Middlebury College, and Amherst College. Besides myself of course, I consider them the funniest people I know.

When I first signed up for Orkut, I remember it asked what sense of humor I had for my profile. I chose: dry/sarcastic, clever/quick witted, goofy/slapstick.

For Christmas, among the five people in my family, we gave each other: the Seinfeld DVD Gift Set which includes the complete first three seasons on DVD plus a deck of cards and salt shaker w/ the Senifeld logo plus the Best of Steve Martin on SNL and the Best of Will Ferrell on SNL DVD sets. In addition to these funnies, among various other books, I got a book off my wishlist: Clinton & Me which is the story of the joke writer for Clinton at the National Press Dinner.

So – amidst any holiday stress this year, don’t forget to laugh.

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  • Ben, I too received that Seinfeld dvd set. It’s amazing, that show always makes me laugh. And I think you hit the nail on the head, laughter is essential.

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