I Believe In Tomorrow

In 8th grade I gave the graduation speech for my class and I read the following poem which has been really inspirational for me but that I did not write and in fact do not know the original source. Even if you’re not young in age, you can always be young in heart. Perhaps people who were speechless after Nov 2 (Andy Sack, for one) can find solace in this.

I believe in tomorrow. I believe in it because it has not yet come. And I am young, and youth always believes that tomorrow will be better than today. I believe that I will do tomorrow what I failed to do today, and be then what I have not yet been.

I trust the future. Youth is always glorious because it trusts the future. Youth will attempt the impossible, scale the mountain that is supposed to be inaccessible, and dare the thing that age will fear.

I believe in tomorrow because it is unspoiled. I have, nor has anyone, yet written on it with grimy finger or insanity or selfishness or sin. No wars have been fought in tomorrow. No lie has been told, or dishonest deed done in tomorrow. No man has treacherously failed a friend in tomorrow.

Tomorrow is one clean, beautiful day, the day on which dreams come true, on which the impossible things will yet be done, on which I shall have the nerve and the will to be and to do that which was too much for me in the grim battle of today.

I believe in tomorrow.

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