Good October Reading

I was able to catch up on some reading this weekend and I came across some gems. Interestingly, the first two are about topics that may seem to have been beaten to death, but they are very well done and original.

1. The New York Times Magazine has a must-read cover article today on the unwavering presidency of George Bush. It’s almost 9,000 words, so print it out. Usually I try to come to a judgement on a political candidate purely on their positions on issues. I don’t like all the emphasis on “style” and interpersonal differences. But this article is probably best look at the very interesting – perhaps troubling – leadership style of our President and how faith and certainly play a role.

2. The November Atlantic Monthly has a terrific article (may need to be a subscriber) on Warren Buffet. No, it’s not more of that rah-rah crap that so many papers like to take when Buffet holds his annual meeting. I would quote, but it wouldn’t do justice. Go read it or buy the issue (there’s other good stuff too).

3. Speaking of other good stuff in the Atlantic, there are several good Letters to the Editor in the current issue including one of the most eloquent defenses of the Iraq war written by a solider responding to James Fallows’ article last month.

4. The October Harvard Business Review (need to subscribe) returns to its winning ways after a couple dissapointing issues. I feel like HBR is essential to get the latest emperical, academic thinking on key business issues. Michael Porter et. al. have a strong cover article on Seven Surprises for New CEOs. There also is a positive book review for Clinton & Me: A Real Life Political Comedy and I’ve added it to my have good articles on this whole issue about whether it is OK to execute teenage criminals or whether it would be unjust because teenage brains still develop until age 20 or so. If there was a way to check out how far along this kid’s brain has developed and whether he has those judgement skills that come with age then it would make it a whole lot easier.

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