The Most Creative Uses Of That Four Letter Word

After posting a comment on Brad Feld’s post about “freaking” as a substitute for “fuck,” and in the process of that comment I posted a link to my favorite Bobby Knight half-time speech, on the same site I found two other top sports f-bomb tirades:

1. Bobby Knight Halftime Speech – The only clip I have found that actually recorded what Mr. Knight said to his Indiana U team at halftime. Unbelievable.

2. Lee Elia Goes Off on Cubs Fans – Just listened to this. 43 out of the 456 words are curses. Ouch!

3. Earl Weaver on Radio Show – Balt Orioles manager goes off during a radio interview…This sounded like it was on the air. I can only imagine what the radio show was thinking as he started dropping f-bombs left and right.

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