Rafting on the American River

I had a nice weekend three hours north of San Francisco near Sacramento river rafting down the American River with 20 other folks from school as part of a required outdoor-ed trip for the Environmental Science AP class I’m taking. No blackberry, no cell phone, just nature and me. I like nature and outdoor stuff except for the sleeping part. I don’t like sleeping on a hard ground in a sleeping bag. But, I did get to further understand my classmates. There are the really laid back, cool guys, to the guy who has an arranged marriage in India, to a girl who was traumatized by the river and refused to get in the raft after the first hour and therefore sat at the camp site clinging to Wheat Thins, to a guy who openly called someone a feminist bitch, to an openly gay guy who didn’t exactly get enthusiastic about water splashing on him. Although we don’t have a lot of diversity in terms of race, diversity in opinions and personalities we do. Don’t you miss high school?

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