SeatGuru – Airplane seat analysis

My brother came across this site and it’s pretty amazing – pick your airline and type of plane and it analyzes all the different seat options in terms of leg room, neck comfort, etc. Being 6′ 4″, 200 lbs, I’m almost always squeezed. An exit row seat has always been my strategy but this site provides some useful tips to try to maneuver your way to comfort in other parts of the plane too.

A bit later I’ll post more about business travel…I’ve always had an interest here and love the NYTimes business travel column.

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  • Like, there’s a great web site out there for hotels as well. It’s called HotelScoop ( It has thousands of real hotel photos, so you can make an informed decision about what hotel to stay at, instead of using the airbrushed photos on branded hotel web sites. The content base is still growing but I think it has potential.

  • Just found BizAutomation through a Slipstick posting. They’ve build a nice TCO chart comparing the various CRM’s out there. I watched their flash demo and it looks like they have all the basis covered; actually exactly what I’ve been looking for in a CRM that’s truly integrated with Exchange Server. Their pricing is about right for my target audience, but now the key question: can the product be customized? I talked with the CEO this afternoon on the phone and he’s going to get back to me…so far, so good: the product is based on a SQL Server backend, based on the .Net framework (.aspx)…more to come.

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