I'm live! Welcome, world.

So after a couple weeks of getting up to speed on this world known as the blogesphere, blogworld, blogland, or some other crazy name depending on who you ask, I have decided to let the world know about my very own blog (thanks to Brad Feld for the encouragement). For the past two weeks I’ve been making entries but not telling anyone about it. Since this is your first time to my blog, you have some old entries to read so you can get acquainted with my “voice.” I will commit to making postings once a day or every other day or so (we’ll see how I do once school starts again). I commit to making postings on those topics about which I may have an interesting perspective, unique insight, or funny anecdote. My thoughts on this blog are in no way representative or associated with my e-government company Comcate.

Why I have decided to blog? For one, I wish to share my ideas and thoughts with people I respect so I can gain feedback so my ideas can germinate. Second, I’m interested in learning more about how this medium works so the best way to learn is to do it. Third, I’ve been trying to keep a journal but haven’t made an entry in 7 months. This will force me to do that to some extent. Fourth, I want to be transparent.

If you are reading this, I ask that you: a) share feedback with me via email or the Comments feature, b) read it on a quasi-regular basis at the beginning so you can at least find out whether you find me interesting (subscribe to this feed using this XML link, c) if you have a blog of your own, add me to your TypePad People list.

I have a lot to learn about this evolving medium, and a lot to share with you. I’m looking forward to it. Aloha!

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