How to Cut Costs

We all know that for anyone – but especially startups – to survive in today’s world requires outsourcing everything but your core business offering. As reported in today’s Wall Street Journal article the Irish airline Ryanair has gone even further. I especially like the quote about refunds, it’s priceless:

Most airlines fight to trim costs. Ryanair struggles to find the few ounces of fat it hasn’t already cut. The Irish no-frills carrier charges passengers for food, drinks and newspapers. It uses tiny airports far from city centers and bargains for big discounts on landing fees. Employees pay for their own training and uniforms, and are told to cut stationery costs by taking hotel notepads. Ryanair won’t consider ticket refunds, for any reason, even if the airline cancels a flight. “What part of ‘no refund’ don’t you understand?” is Chief Executive Michael O’Leary’s standard summary of his ticketing policy.

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