Credibility in Journalism Continued…WSJ and NYTimes

There’s been a fair bit of chatter going on about credibility in journalism both in print and in blogs. Dan Okrent, the New York Times’ Public Editor, is offering his own corrections and apologies in his weekly column, a space where he is supposed to highlight things the Times may be doing that are suspect or not credible. His position was established after the Jayson Blair scandal. Today’s Wall Street Journal has a very interesting article examining the grief Okrent has had to put up with during his time at the NY Times. To say the least, the reporters and editors there have been less than thrilled to have him looking over their back. And finally, Jeff Jarvis has an entry with links to a Washington Post correction in addition to a comment regarding Okrent’s own correction. For anyone who relies on these print institutions for analysis and reporting, staying on top of the stories behind the stories is important before relying on its content.

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