Summer Jobs for Teens

My mentor Mike Patterson shared a good idea over lunch with me a couple weeks ago and it became more acute in my mind as I talk to my friends who are looking for summer jobs. Predictably, most people end up working for their parents (you know, file papers, answer the phone, etc). But the thing is no parent really wants to hire their kid because they want young Johnny to get the experience of working for someone else in an environment that more accurately mirrors, well, real work. Why isn’t there a database of parents and their kids so people can swap? I.e. I’ll hire your kid if you hire mine. Seems like a nice little service Monster could offer without much effort.

10 Responses to Summer Jobs for Teens

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  2. shatara williams says:

    I am 15 yaers old looking for a job in Gary In and was wondering is it possiable instead of waiting for the summer to get one now be cuse i might be pregnant

  3. Theresa Barron says:

    I am a pregnant 16 year old female looking for a job so i can pervied for my child. I am a teen liveing house to house because my mom put me out of the house because i became prenant by her boyfriend. he rape me and i became i live with my best friend trying to get by and i need a job fast.

  4. Guadalupe Castro says:

    i need a part time job cause im pregnant and going to im 15 yrs, oid idirent got kickt out but my mom’s not gonna help me take care of my baby

  5. Raphael White says:

    i ReallY NEED A JOB

  6. lanie bear says:

    i am 14 years old i will be 15 in june. i really need a job because i might be pregnant.its even harder for me to find one because of my age

  7. bethsaida orange says:

    i need a job because theres alot of things my parents can not afford right now. i a phone and i need so cloths and new shoes so please can anybody help me please

  8. selina says:

    well i need a job because i want to be able to do things in life and take respontsablaty for things. And I need money.

  9. alexandra says:

    im a 16 year old gurl looking for a job because i want to be able to help my mom and dad with the bill because my dad is not working at this time and so my mom is the only one that is work and paying the bills and i would like to help her out. If anyone knows about a job can u pease send me a e-mail at [email protected] thank you i would really appeciated

  10. crystal says:

    im 16 and Im looking for a job and l need a full time job because l dont go to school and need stuff to do with my life and l like to help people and I love kids.


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