Ben has spoken to tens of thousands of people in venues around the world.

What: Ben is a sought after speaker on talent management, based on his New York Times bestselling management book The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age (Harvard Business Review Press).

He also speaks widely about The Start-Up of You, his #1 New York Times bestselling career strategy book with Reid Hoffman.

Who: There are two types of audiences he speaks to. First, to companies — about the future of work, talent strategy, and building an entrepreneurial, adaptive workforce. Second, to trade associations, governments, and conferences — about technology trends, the world of work and insights from Silicon Valley.

Ben’s Speaking Reel:


1. The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Network Age. If you want to recruit, train, and retain the best people for your company, understand this: the old employer-employee compact is dead. In today’s entrepreneurial age, the best employees are not pledging lifelong loyalty to your company — they want to sign up for “tours of duty.” They want to be “entrepreneurial” at work. Ben presents a revolutionary way to make a new talent alliance work for your company.

2. The Start-Up of You: In a keynote based on his New York Times bestselling book with LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman, Ben presents a blueprint for how to thrive in the new world of work. The key: learn to think like an entrepreneur and treat your career like it’s a start-up business: a living, breathing, growing start-up of you. Learn the Silicon Valley strategies that can jump-start your career, from crafting flexible career plans, to building genuine professional relationships, to finding breakout opportunities. This is a bold guide to thriving in a world where every professional must be the entrepreneur of his or her own life.

Learn More: If you’re interested in having Ben keynote an event, please email him at [email protected] and include information about your event. He is happy to send additional information.

Official Speaking Bio:

Ben Casnocha (Ben Kas-no-ka) is an award-winning entrepreneur and author from Silicon Valley. He is coauthor with Linkedin founder/chairman Reid Hoffman of the New York Times bestseller The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age, which describes a new framework for managing today’s employees.

He is also co-author with Reid of the #1 New York Times bestselling book The Start-Up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career. Ben has separately written for Newsweek, the American Enterprise Institute, NPR’s “Marketplace” and the U.S. State Department.

In addition to his writing, Ben is a technology entrepreneur. He founded Comcate, Inc., a leading e-government software company, at age 14. He wrote a book about his experience titled My Start-Up Life. PoliticsOnline named him one of the “25 most influential people in the world of internet and politics.” He also incubates and advises internet entrepreneurs at Wasabi Ventures. BusinessWeek named Ben “one of America’s top young entrepreneurs.” And dozens of outlets have covered his work including CNN, Charlie Rose, and The Economist.

Finally, Ben is an accomplished world traveler and speaker. He has spoken to tens of thousands of people around the world, in places as diverse as Morocco, Chile, and China.

 What Others Say:

“He was phenomenal. I must have had 30 people come up to me and say ‘what a refreshing speaker’. He was just phenomenal. He had four great points and he talked from the heart. We were so happy, I would definitely recommend him.”

— Anne Mathison, University of Wisconsin Continuing Ed / Adult Learning Program

“Ben hit it out of the park. Our HR leaders are still raving about his session on the new employer-employee compact and how to recruit and manage entrepreneurial employees. We were very happy to host him at SHRM India!”

— Malina Jacobowitz, Society for Human Resource Management India

“Ben delivered a dynamic, gripping and content-packed presentation that connected directly with the concerns and interests of our delegates. His presentation received excellent feedback from all quarters. Ben was a pleasure to work with throughout, being highly professional, flexible and considerate. He took special care to understand the goals of the conference, our needs as organisers and the desires of the paying delegates. Ben’s attention to this important detail was clearly evident in the overall success of his talk.”

— Scott Druck, Oxford Strategic Consulting

“I’m delighted to report that the Strategy Conference was a blast! Ben did a such a great job presenting, and to boot, signing tons of books for our attendees and staff. Recently, Ben connected with me on LinkedIn and he mentioned that many of our attendees had reached out to him as well.  That’s really, really cool! Thanks for making a way for us to finally bring Ben to our conference stage!”

— Renee Sumby, Society for Human Resource Management

“Ben Casnocha is a dynamic and engaging speaker. After he spoke at our HR summit, we received a ton of great feedback on him.  One of our audience members wants to hire him already!  He presented multiple concepts to HR leaders on how to engage employees in today’s marketplace.  Ben’s message is thought-provoking and encourages HR Professionals to challenge themselves to transform their organizations to attract and retain top performers.  I highly recommend Ben as a keynote!”

 Teri Harrell, Dancik International

“Ben’s presentation about his entrepreneurial life philosophy was insightful and inspiring to everyone in the audience. Ben delivered his presentation with elegance and confidence; he was exactly the right person delivering exactly the right message!”

— Deborah Murray, Director, Center for Rural Research and Development, University of Nebraska at Kearney

“Ben Casnocha provided a viewpoint into entrepreneurial leadership that was dead on.  His keen insight into leading Generation Y workers was informational, refreshing, and inspirational.  He’s a must for those who want to understand our younger workforce.”

— Justin Rueb, PhD, Executive Director, Center for Leadership Excellence & Economic Development

“Ben grabs and holds his audience with a rapid fire, succinct, insightful and motivational presentation. Aspiring entrepreneurs in attendance were well served by his insights into the entrepreneurial mind.”

— Robert Robb, Professor, University of Texas at Dallas

“It is rare these days when an entire auditorium of students sit without text messaging, and listen attentively while a speaker delivers his message. When Ben Casnocha spoke at Lone Star College – Montgomery, every student listened and afterwards asked pertinent, intelligent questions fueled by one of the most powerful speeches on entrepreneurship I have had the good fortune to witness.”

— James F. Zipperer, Professor of Economics, Lone Star College

“Ben’s presentation was a refreshing, practical look at the realities youth face as they pursue an entrepreneurial pathway. His presentation was both witty and thought-provoking. Our educators walked away with many ideas on how to better serve the ‘Ben’s’ in their classroom. Well done!”

— Heather Vansickle, Executive Director, National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship

“I highly recommend Ben to any organization looking for a well prepared and thought-provoking speaker to share fresh insights on how to treat their career path as a start-up company. His presentation was exactly what our audience needed to hear. Not to mention, I took down quite a few notes of my own! Ben took the time to learn about our audience’s needs and applied that to his presentation, making for a discussion of utmost relevance to our attendees. To conclude his address, he provided insightful answers to some tough questions asked in the audience Q&A period. Ben also brought a comfortable yet high-energy style to the discussing to keep us all engaged throughout the presentation.”

— Eric Olson, Vice President, Education Strategies, National Retail Federation

“Ben’s example as an entrepreneur provides a challenge for many experienced and mature business people; his interest to create and develop new ventures is refreshing, his enthusiasm is contagious and, in spite of his age, we all like to learn from him.”

— Jorge Zavala, CEO, TechBA Silicon Valley-Mexico

“As a speaker, Ben is engaging, insightful and thought provoking.  He is down to earth in style and uplifting in his message.”

— Chuck Alvery, CEO, Western Nevada Economic Development Association

“Everyone who participated in Ben’s presentations in Indonesia, from business students to businesspeople, and from public health students to members of the community interested in learning about entrepreneurship, came away from the events with newfound insights on how to live a more fulfilling life.”

— Daniel Phelps, Economic & Political Officer, U.S. Consulate Surabaya, Indonesia

“I heard Ben Casnocha’s keynote address as a very positive commentary on a newer philosophy of success. His primary assertion, that young people don’t need to be literal entrepreneurs to lead entrepreneurial lives, was inspiring and hopeful. I especially liked his suggestion that people embrace the random (seemingly chance encounters with people and ideas in our lives) as a spark for personal and professional creativity.”

— Georgia Wheatley, Women’s Studies Program Director, Casper College

“There are many young entrepreneurs who can give students encouragement and share enthusiasm for starting their own businesses. What I believe sets Ben’s presentation apart from the others is his holistic approach to entrepreneurship as a worldview. He offers students a new definition of entrepreneurship, one that marries passion, life-long learning and spiritual meaning. After all, being an entrepreneur is more than just starting a business; it truly is charting a course for your life.

— Julie Mierau, Iowa Western Community College

“I very much enjoyed Ben’s presentation last night. His message was so important and pertinent to all of us, regardless of whether or not we plan a business opportunity. I wish every YTC employee could hear it and would employ his principles in daily work.”

– Carolyn Stewart, Executive Vice President, York Technical College

“Through Ben’s presentation, students learned about the value of entrepreneurship not only as a profession, but also as an approach to life. As a result of Ben’s talk, students are actively engaging in conversation about the importance of taking risks in order that life-learning opportunities are maximized and regrets are a thing of the past. College of Business Administration students at UTEP are already asking for a repeat visit!

– Stacey Grady, College of Business, University of Texas, El Paso

“You were a wonderful, highly rated speaker…the students loved your speech, your demeanor…you really connected with them. We want you back!”

– Marlene Titus, Coordinator, Miller Entrepreneurial Institute, Carroll Community College