Group Brainstorming Doesn't Work; Be Creative on Your Own

This is very true. More and more I’ve told peoeple, "Let’s both hang up, think about it for 30 minutes, and talk again with our ideas." Much more effective than trying to "bounce ideas off each other."

Link: BPS Research Digest: Why do we still believe in group brainstorming?.

So you need some fresh, innovative ideas. What do you do? Get a group of your best thinkers together to bounce ideas of each other…? No, wrong answer. Time and again research has shown that people think of more new ideas on their own than they do in a group. The false belief that people are more creative in groups has been dubbed by psychologists the ‘illusion of group of productivity”. But why does this illusion persist?

Bernard Nijstad and colleagues at the University of Amsterdam argue it’s because when we’re in a group, other people are talking, the pressure isn’t always on us and so we’re less aware of all the times that we fail to think of a new idea. By contrast, when we’re working alone and we can’t think of anything, there’s no avoiding the fact that we’re failing.

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