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In-n-Out Burger for lunch, followed by a lesbian wedding where an Indian food truck served dinner. Another day in the Bay Area.
So long, Portland, Oregon. Quick take after first visit (two days), nice funky downtown, more beautiful than expected, lots of homeless ppl.
Why Japan is one-of-a-kind for Americans: it's a completely different world (culturally) yet equal or better material standard of living.
JFK to SFO flight arrived 75 minutes early because "there were no ground delays at JFK." Shows how much buffer they build into the schedule.
The buffalo mozzarella cheese in Italy really is 10x better than any mozzarella I've had in the States. (First noted in 2006, again today.)
Milan, Italy. Bathroom. Trying to wash hands at sink. Finally learn that you turn sink on by pressing a pedal on the floor with your foot.
Cool hotel room safe at Mandarin Oriental: an electrical outlet *inside* the safe so you can charge your devices after closing/locking.
When ordering a $4 USD burger at McDonald's in Santiago, Chile today, I could do a one-time payment, or multiple installments on credit card
All the folks I've met from the region have been friendly, but the Omanis especially so. Very warm people. Oman is now on my travel list!
Three days in NYC, and was able to patronize Subway, McDonalds, and Qdoba one time each. #linning
The street food vendors in the medina in Marrakech hawk their dirt cheap food with this English phrase: "5-star Michelin! 5-star Michelin!"
Everyone in London does indeed seem to "Look Right" or "Look Left" before crossing crosswalks, obeying the sign on the street. +1 for safety
I love how civilized/orderly Switzerland is. At Zurich crosswalk today, no cars in sight yet every pedestrian waited patiently until green.
The history in Athens is amazing. Walking around the Acropolis and tourguide says, "Over there is where Socrates was made to drink hemlock."
In Greece, every day some group is on strike. Today and tomorrow, public transit workers and archaeologists. Yesterday, gas workers / miners
When someone says, "I'm never flying United/American/Delta again" I think, "Yes, until they're the cheapest fare next time u book a ticket."
In Detroit. I haven't been in a place where there's been snow on the ground in more than three years. I call it, "Purposeful Travel."
Flight to Semarang: they showed Candid Camera episodes entire flight and gave out free Kit-Kat bars. 80's Americana is alive, in south Asia
Hospitality in Muslim culture towards visitors / foreigners is famous, but so far in Indonesia it has blown me away. Truly over the top.
Paraty, Brazil. Beautiful coastal town. Awesome weather. Sits in between Sao Paulo and Rio, but it seems like a world away.
In America, the best athletes are split among basketball, football, baseball. In Brazil (and most LatAm) all the best athletes play soccer.
American music from the 70's and 80's plays in most supermarkets, cafes, hotel lobbies, etc. in Chile (and every other country I've been to)
@MarcBenioff I've been pro-Japan ever since my first visit in 2006. Beautiful country. Super underrated. Tokyo is magical.
Three Chile observations: 1) All houses are behind gates/fences, 2) Canned soup does not exist, 3) Maids clean gym 24/7, crazy maid culture!
Everyone in D.C. walks around with an ID tag / scan card clipped to their belt.
Off to the second most physically beautiful state (after California) in the United States: Utah. Very much underrated.
Fresh milk does not exist in Chile. Only boxed milk stored at room temperature. As a milkaholic, this is not good news for me.
A local tells me Chileans eat more bread than anyone else in the world. One kilo of bread a day. True so far for me. Bread, bread, bread…
Beautiful morning in west Texas. I love this state for same reasons I love Cali: lots of open space, scale, and good Mexican food.
In one classroom in Cyprus, none of the 50 students had heard of the company "Apple Computer." All had heard of the company "Facebook."
Still bullet holes in the hotel in the UN Buffer zone between North and South Cyprus, which I have crossed several times already…
On the train to Washington D.C. Trains are lovely, but the northeast is singularly dense. Rail just doesn't make sense in western U.S.
Hasta luego Boston. You are a beautiful city (especially Charles River) and there still is so much to talk about. I'll be back.
Valparaiso, Chile is probably my favorite city of this South America jaunt. Lovely lovely. Hills, colors, water, laid back vibe.
In all Latin America "Diet Coke" is branded "Coca-Cola Light." Localized branding is always fascinating.
Awesome morning run in Santiago. Crisp cool air. Snowcapped Andes mountains as the backdrop. Eminem on the iPod. I love Chile already.
Burger King abroad (at least Ecuador and Uruguay) is surprisingly upscale. Like Pizza Hut and KFC in China -considered nice places.
Just off a 20 hr bus ride to central Argentina, mostly so I can say I did it! Whew. Read Emerson's essays, listened to Goo Goo Dolls, slept.
When choosing aisle or window seat on plane you need only ask yourself one question: Do I go to the bathroom more or less than avg person?
Why was Munich airport so stress-free? One big reason: no blaring PA system. No "Homeland Security Level Orange" message every 5 minutes.
In Alaska I learned I didn't like boats, in India I learned I didn't like spicy food, in Cartagena I learn I don't like tropical weather.
Watching Caribbean sea waves crash off the coast of Cartagena. A kind of trance ensues, like when you stare into the flames of a fire.
Eating a double-whopper at LAX airport Burger King, "YMCA" by Village People blaring on speakers, everyone around me still speaking Spanish.
In Mexico lunch is eaten around 2 PM and is the largest meal of the day. Dinner is light or not eaten at all.

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