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U.S. businesses spent $171.5 billion on learning and development in 2010 -Google's corporate education programs.
A study on civil resistance found 3/4 of *nonviolent* movements get some or all of what they want, compared with 1/3 of the *violent* ones.
Hugh Hefner wrote in his autobiography that he has slept with about 2,000 women total.
30% of Americans in jobs where govt requires $$ formal training + license: hair stylists, interior designers, trainers.
At some airlines, 1% of their passengers (the most elite frequent fliers) drive 25% of their revenue. Wow. (via Wall Street Journal)
The majority of rapes in U.S. happen in prison, making the U.S. the first country in history where most rape victims are men. (via n+1)
Staples Center in LA transforms from a pro basketball court to a pro ice hockey rink in under two hours. (via @mktplaceradio)
Most types of cancer are not caused *only* by genes and luck. Diet and lifestyle play important role. E.g breast cancer and the Western diet
53% of Recent College Grads Jobless or Underemployed -The Atlantic (Nursing is the exception w/r/t middle-skill jobs.)
Your parents don't want what is best for you. They want what is good for you, which isn't always the same thing. -Charles Wheelan
Those who have a memory are able to live in the fragile present moment. Those who have none live nowhere. Blog post:
When tech celebs proudly/publicly delete their accounts on popular services it's often about promoting an identity of "independent thinker."
Southwest Airlines has 25 flights a day between Houston and Dallas. One reason: 13% of Texans live more than 100 miles from their work. (BW)
Parking garages: super expensive to build in a big city. Aboveground structures cost up to $40k per space. Belowground: up to $140k / space.
Happiness tip: "Faces in the morning." Seeing human faces after waking up, esp. in-person, lifts one's spirits for rest of day. (via SR)
The place where highways 101, 5, 10, and 60 meet in Los Angeles is the world's busiest highway interchange, handling 550,000+ cars daily.
Anthropologist Helen Fisher says her studies show that, under the age of 40, women are equally as likely to commit adultery as men.
Consumer Reports has 3.3 million paying online subscribers to its content. Wow.
Minimum number of birds that die from crashing into New York City windows each year: 100,000 (via Harper's Index)
Appointing a devil's advocate in a group paradoxically increases support for the orthodox position rather than increasing doubt (2001 study)
None of Germany's largest 80 companies has a woman as CEO. (source: FT)
A Boeing jet generates 10 terabytes of information per engine every 30 minutes of flight. -Stephen Brobst, CTO of Teradata
In 2002 the median grade at Harvard was an A-, and 91% of students graduated with "honors." How does anyone take college grades seriously?
95% of medical technology donated to developing countries breaks within the first five years of use. -Steven Johnson
Greater Tokyo has a population (35 m.) greater than the total population of Canada, a territory four thousand times larger (via K. Robinson)
Dan Ariely: Height matters in romance. A man who is 5'9" has to earn $40k more a year to be as attractive to avg woman as a man who's 5'10".
20% of Google searches have never been done before on the search engine. (via "Six Pixels of Separation")
A meta study of 211 empirical studies show women are as or more physically aggressive than men in their relationships w/ their male partners
It took 10 million man hours to make the movie Avatar. It would haven taken one man 2,000 years (full-time) to make. (via @logankugler)
10% of college-age youth in Brazil attend college. Of that number, 50% drop-out. In Chile it's 40% (run rate), don't know drop-out levels.
The largest newspaper in Brazil has 500,000 subscribers. There are 190 million people living in Brazil.
The average European cow lives on a $2.50-a-day subsidy when 3 billion ppl live on under $2 a day. -James Wolfensohn on Europe ag subs
The first five players drafted in the NFL draft by the SF 49ers all majored in "General Studies" in college.
50% of the fresh produce (food) consumed in the U.S. in a six month period is grown and picked in Mexico.

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