New Year’s in Moose, Wyoming

New Year’s in Grand Teton National Park was marvelous. Snow shoeing, cross country skiing, and season 1 of the The Wire (at night). Triangle X Ranch — a working dude ranch in the park itself — hosted us with three meals a day and all the necessary equipment and local knowledge. The landscapes of the American west continue to captivate me...

Happy 2013!

(Hiking in sub-zero temps)
2012-12-31_1356985901(The view from lunch at the ranch)

2 Responses to New Year’s in Moose, Wyoming

  1. Brad Feld says:

    You look appropriately bundled up. We continue to enjoy sub-zero temperatures here in Keystone at night. Brrrr.

  2. I’m filing this in the “I really don’t believe in Eskimos category”.

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