Steve Jobs Brainstorming at NeXT

Fascinating 20 min video of Steve Jobs leading a brainstorming session (among other things) at NeXT in the late 80's. At his death he was leader of one of the world's largest corporations; but in this video he talks as a founder of a fledgling start-up dealing with office supplies and payrolls. He implores his employees to regain the "start-up hustle." Good stuff.

3 Responses to Steve Jobs Brainstorming at NeXT

  1. Kwanrat Suanpong says:

    It is pure inspiring. Just great. Thank you, Ben.

  2. Eriselda Barjamaj says:

    Thank you, Ben. It is just amazing
    knowing how devoted some people

  3. vinod says:

    Thanks Ben…It is good to see the master in action

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