Starbucks in London Charges More for "Here" Than "To Go"

20 cents more on each food choice if you eat at the Starbucks versus “to-go.” I haven’t seen this in the States. Of course, being the sneaky guy I am, I ordered to-go, walked outside, ate my snack, and then walked back in, snuggled into a large chair, and read my book. Aren’t I bad?

3 Responses to Starbucks in London Charges More for "Here" Than "To Go"

  1. Zoli Erdos says:

    I don’t know about Starbucks, but I believe it’s the same here in all the fast-food chains. (for tax reasons?).

  2. no says:


  3. Rich says:

    Here in the UK we pay VAT (value added tax) to consume so-called “luxury” items (coffee etc being deemed luxury by the treasury) inside an outlet, VAT isn’t necessary on take-out. Simple as that.


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