Paralyzed by Too Many Things

I reached the unfortunate point today where I had so many things to do that I couldn’t start on any of them. Stupid me. I need to break down each task into more manageable pieces. I’m behind on my reading because each night I get into bed to read but instead I spend 10 minutes scribbling down all the people I need to email the next day related to certain projects. These scribblings are not turning into manageable action items. I’m intent on stepping it up over the next four weeks to meet the deluge of work and committments head-on and it starts with bite-size pieces on my to-do lists.

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  2. Dario says:

    story of my life. as a matter of fact, it’s probably why I’m awake at this very moment. aw well, some sick part of me is glad to hear that you struggle and are human Ben, cause at moments your organization and professionalism are just mind boggling. keep truckin


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