It's Not Time We Lack; It's Smart Use of Our Energy Supply

I’ve seen some chatter on the blogosphere about the “attention economy” and how we are more stressed for time than ever before. Wrong. We have MORE time than ever before. Things that used to take days or weeks now take hours. There have always been 24 hours in each day and there always will be. Trying to “find more time” is a stupid approach since you don’t control the clock. Here’s what you can control: your use of energy. Personal energy is a renewable resource. If you know yourself (a big IF), you should know which activities re-charge your energy supply. When we completely melt down under stress or lack of time, usually it’s just because our energy supply is low, not because we don’t have enough “time”. Remember, each thought and each action has an energy consequence. Use it and re-charge it wisely.

30 Responses to It's Not Time We Lack; It's Smart Use of Our Energy Supply

  1. Rotem says:

    Every word is true!

    I’ve recently created a PowerPoint presentation about this.

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    Enjoy, and don’t forget to share with others…


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